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I think i have only ever seen you post 4 times, so imma guessing you must of been moved to post here

For most of what you state, I whole heartedly agree, the only point i dissagree with is the handle you have on the argument with OS4 fanboys. I just feel its a little one sided if i may...

I could be wrong and I am happy to be corrected but from what i have read from matts posts (wich is all of them) allthough he states OS4 on the PS3 I have read it as any workable amiga OS like OS5 /6/7 or whatever not any one OS specific...

personally I doubt we will see OS4 launch in out lifetime. It would be nice if hyperon managed to find a deal with A-inc that would allow them both to profit from Amithalon!! (x86 workbench its very nice has/had a lot of potential!!!)

the irony is i can see both sides to P-J's and Matts argument and i agree with both of them. the frustration is evident in both posts, neither wanthing to give any ground to a view point, buit that is the blessed perview of Forums

If you could give me a DVD, and on that DVD is an easy to use, intuitive OS that can trasparently emulate AND run native applications in HighDef then i think whom ever could produce that cheaply and effectively could easly make money in the console market!!!!

think about those parents right now..... do i buy my kids a PS3 for 550 and watch thier brains vegetate or do i buy them a PC from DELL for under 400 and let them have some creativity (comes with 19"tft and printer btw)

from that viewpoint as much as consoles will see this crimbo, I think they would of sold a hell of a lot more had they the opportunity to sell an OS bundle with keyboard / mice for 40 (its cheaper than their games!!!!)

I supose that the moment they do, they would lose a lot of software licensing money as it will run on 3rd party OS.... hmmmm issues of contention...

imagine if you will

PS3: DEAD or Alive X - 49.95

DEAD or Alive X: PS3-3POS(3rd party OS) for 35.99

both the same game essentiall, run exactly the hardware, just one has an installer or system handover routine...

it could well be a back door to avoid extortinate license fees...

we know for a fact that prices dominate, so something like that brings prices down could well improve the profitability of that given console's distrubution...
hmmm hmmm hmmm hmm

Heres a question, two consoles from rival companies are evenly matched for specifaction and games availability..

console 1. sells its games for 55 but costs arround 300
console 2. sells its games for 35 but costs arround 500

which would you choose.

you have bought 12 games for each console over the course of the year (1 a month)

console 1 : games cost 660
console 2 : games cost 420

total cost of console 1 in the first year is 960
total cost of console 2 in the first year is 920

not much a difference there is it?

but the next year, take out the cost of the console and 240 is over 50% more money for the same thing than on console 2.

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