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amiga os was created specifically for the amiga hardware at the time, it was derived from an OS called tripos. but it wasnt tripos, just derived from it.

that amiga hardware is now dead, and so is the os with it. that's just the truth of it. keep force feeding it on a life support machine if you must, but it's just a vegetable.

really, i think sensible people are waiting for the 'next' amiga not the 'new' amiga. if someone at or for sony were to derive linux and create a new os for the ps3 for it, and it were useful and marketed as say, sonyOS, then i'm sure it'd be great and we'd have our 'next' amiga. think about it, the amiga was great because you could switch it on, stick a disk in and play the best games, if you fancied doing something more you could boot into workbench and you could use the great software that was available at the time. if you have a decent os for the ps3, you would have a machine that does exactly the same thing, play great games or do useful stuff on it, sony has the power to get decent applications for it along the same lines as apple do for the mac, only you cant play any decent games on the mac really. casual gamers that like to tinker outnumber the real OS hobbists by lot.

but if we only ever get 'ports' of linux compiled to run on it, then it will remain a hobbist thing, much like it already is. a machine for people who want to spend more time configuring the os, than actually useful software within it.

sure, linux has its uses on servers, but i dont expect many ps3 units being used for that.

i also think it's a shame that people who stick their heels in and blindly state that anyone who doesnt support the new amiga movement is an enemy of the community can quickly cast people who talk sense from the real world outside into exile.

in short, i dont think anybody except the few os4 fanboys in the world would want to see, or use amiga os4 on a ps3. but i bet most of the people who geniunely loved the amiga for how it was, would be intersted in a ps3 with sonyOS, that not only was useful, but easy and fun to use. i know i would be.

oh, and i see frustration from P-J not hate. it's like the person in the corner who actually has something sensible to say being told to shut up as people with bigger mouths who are too busy trying to convince people to blindly see it their way, instead of consider the reality.
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