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Originally Posted by Mad-Matt
it just gets better doesnt it accuse me of being blind to other os's and you yourself cant open your eyes to what the latest aos can do and would rarther see it not exist at all. makes me think the only aos youve uses is wb1.0 !
Whatever it can do, it can only do on useless overpriced hardware. So it might as well not bother.

Originally Posted by Mad-Matt
windows sure can do lots of things , but 80% of it is stuff that never used or dissabled in a corporate environment !! so all it ends up being is an app launcher for word and photoshop.
We have a moron! Do you expect that your (ridiculous) PS3 powered AmigaOS is going to replace Windows 2K/XP in the corporate environment? If not, why do you talk about corporations? Do you think that if AmigaOS was in the corporate environment that it wouldn't be an app launcher for whatever passes for an office suite on Amiga?

You have absolutely NO ground in the AmigaOS Vs Win/Lin/Mac argument. You can't even begin to compare AmigaOS to any of these major operating systems. You just choose a really crap (and false) example to fit your argument and you've already convinced yourself that you're correct.

Originally Posted by Mad-Matt
all the useful features aos can do and alot of them aos has been doing a long time.
Why don't you put your money where you mouth is and actually state some of them? You haven't mentioned one single feature. Perhaps the zealotry is saved for Amigaworld.

The point in this thread is to establish if the ps3 can be the hardware to put aos4 on as no other hardware will ever exist past the current dying a1's and I personaly think its the last chance the aos has to find the hardware it needs at a nice price. iw ill buy a ps3 regardless for the games I play. id also buy the aos if it wasnt stupidly priced for the ps3. its just much more pleasurable to use then any linux FOR ME !
For you and about another, well, handful of users. You were the one who was talking about the 'masses', not me.

AmigaOS is dead, long live the memories.
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