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PSPUAE V0.62 Christmas Edition Released

From everyone over at, Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

The team has released a new version of PSPUAE, changes / improvements are listed below.


- you can now save the amiga mouse pointer position and restore it with a key-combo
- 24 mousestates slots, can be renamed with the amiga keyboard for better assignment
- new option 'Auto Mouse Speed' for setting the speed of the mouse while restoring
must be set faster for screens with higher resolution
- you can toggle the mousespeed with a key-combo
- cd32 buttons can now assigned to key-combos
- joy1 up/down/left/right can now assigned to key-combos
- new option 'CPU to Chipset Ratio"
- new option 'Disable Key Combos"
- new option 'Toggle X & O" (You can now swap X and O for the menu)
- Preset Amiga Configurations added
- quick config combos (See ReadMe)
- Splash Screen added
- dual mouse support
- Auto Zoom Feature added
- fixed combos for L+Cross, R+Cross, etc etc
- SaveStates save a config file in the Config folder
- Savestates are now much smaller, due to memory compression being added

Below is taken from the Christmas Edition Bundle Text
Welcome the the PSPUAE 0.62 Christmas release bundle!

You should find within this package, the latest version of PSPUAE
(07.12.06), themed for the season, along with some savestated
Christmas coverdisks, including Cannon Fodder, Lemmings and
Bullfrog's Psycho Santa, all ready for you to play.

X-mas bundle compilied by Hungry Horace for

You can download it over at the site download section.... have fun!
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