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Heys guys

A little more love please imma thinking a nice big group hug would do wonders....

after that you need *at least* 50 paces and only use automatic weapons (baseball bats / chainsaws have exceptions)


P-J has a valid point the AmigaOS's are technically and featurely inadequate compared to other offerings that are available in todays market.

but in saying that realistically the latest fedora core is much better than windowsxp (lacks a little games support however) and a few graphics drivers lol but truthfully its very nice (if you get a chance check out slackware )

the problem is with linux its releagated to the geek and enthusiast and winxp-soon-if-ever-released-vista are very expensive for what they realistaclly offer..

I donno P-J, i so see you point of an Amiga OS being some what pointless simply because it wont have the features expected from todays markets. Even if discreate FX manage to take controll and output something i fear a little to late.

I have some ideas that could be marketed, it all depeneds on how a market would react.. but with that comes investment into a lot of things that I fear that Amiga (whom ever owns it) would not have the funds for.

I dont think its all ALL ALLLLL over for Amiga... it dont have a great hand to play but it has potential if atleast it attempts to do SOMETHING instead of simply stagnating and pretending that OS4 is the answer to everything for it is not... It doesnt even have a defninitive graphics driver support.

There are many things i would like to see but in the end there are pros and cons to them and its pointless at the moment to list them.

From a personal point of view i dont think the END of amiga is NIGH its already come and gone.... but its nice to wonder that atleast something other than good memories can be resurected from the ashes and embers.

as a small point.... set the wayback machine to well... way back..... IBM sold off a poorly maintained and basic IO system.... this got bought up by a small group of engineers (12 of them i think) 1 of them was Bill Gates... within 2 years they sold a lucrative licsense back to IBM for thier new product... the personal PC.. whom at the time only though that a maximum of 1000 unit would be sold....

hmmm begs one to think... so I am not gonna rule out amiga future just yet....
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