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Originally Posted by P-J
Not mention the fact that Windows 95 (release of) was one of the final nails in the coffin of the Amiga, and the release that got an awful lot of Amigans to jump ship. I moved to Windows 95 (from AOS) when it was released. I never looked back once so it can't be _that_ bad.
was it really a time to jump ship back when win95 came about ? At some point around that time my first pc was a P90 with win95, but i didnt stop upgrading and using the amiga. for along while the amiga still did everything faster and easier. sure the pc had the likes of doom, but even that had to be played in a smaller res at points as the machine was so slow For gaming I spent more time in dos !! took a few years but when voodoo came out with proper 3d games, and internet explorer came about, thats probably when i started using pc more.

i still use my actual amiga very rarely/occassionaly for Fxpaint and Imagestudio as I cant find similar easy/quick progs on pc. photoshop/paintshop are massive resource hogs to show a blank canvas lol and so many buttons, its hard to find the function wanted

I firmly belive theres a place for a fast. efficiant and light os which no other exists. However aos needs abit of eye candy for anyone to notice it. I cant belive alot of users actually want to switch to Vista purly for 3d windows, regardless of the overall system performance loss and it doesnt do anything winxp doesnt do. eyecandy sells
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