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Roll eyes (sarcastic)

but it's not... Blazing Star is the best shmup on the neo.

pulstar is more of an r-type style shooter (where you have to memorize all the enemy patterns in order to have a chance of beating the level).

and Retroman: Magician Lord? It was good, but it was tough as all hell.. AND you couldn't score past 150000 or the game would become incredibly f***ing cheap. You learned to pass up the treasure points if you wanted to survive longer(!) I consider Jumpman/Jumpman Junior (on the Commodore 64) easily the best of that genre...

(I once owned a neo-geo home MVS & 10 carts... traded it for D&D: Tower of Doom (USA)... then I donated the board to CPS2Shock, now everyone can play it on their PC)

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