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Originally Posted by EmuChicken
forgot about giving you the cars (oops!), you want the cars as models or rendered out like the last car from above? ...

Erm, been any advancement on this project?
I'd prefer as models, in green please.

About project progress, yes, I've got a few things left to do before I release another version (still very alpha but will be more playable). Check my webpage for snapshots. Here's what I did since last release (summarized):

Version 0.05
- enhanced: some title & information screens are ripped from 256 color SC International
- enhanced: original car explosion animation (the old one has been ripped from James Pond!!)
- added: original Supercars II car (EmuChicken did the 3D model)
- reworked: some graphics were processed using scale2x for better 2x resize
- added: tyre screech sound
- added: fixed car colors (were too flashy)
- enhanced: larger playfield (640x400 -> 640x480)
- added: more news screens
- added: game over & rating screen
- added: communication screens

There are a lot of bugfixes also, and I improved the car control too.
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