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Originally Posted by Mad-Matt
Simply liking amigaos should be a selling point
That's a cop out and you know it!

Originally Posted by Mad-Matt
its ease of use, easy maintainablity and responsivness are nice features too. not too difficult to learn about th way the os works just by looking into its file structure which is far simpler then any windows/linux.
Not when you realise that 95% of users (especially PS3 users, for gods sake!) use the C: D: and E: method. You're refering to the 1.3 version of the operating system and it's competitors back then. The three major operating systems of today eclipse AmigaOS in all those departments.

You're also forgetting the points raised above. Use of the word 'masses' in one post and then your talking about 'learning about the way the OS works'. The masses, as you well know couldn't give two shits about how the OS works. If the software is available, the OS is reliable and the hardware is cheap you're onto a winner. AmigaOS satisfies only one of those three.

Originally Posted by Mad-Matt
Macos isnt so bad as like aos it uses a moduler file structure so you know what goes where but still a shitload of iles for basic things where as as doew the same job in one or two.
Again, only for interest to geeks. Average joe cares not about this. This thread turned into 'AmigaOS' for this masses way up the top.

Besides, when AmigaOS has all the built-in features of Windows XP or MacOS then come back and tell us how lovely the filesystem is.

Originally Posted by Mad-Matt
I realise cost would effect it also and its likely only those that know what amigaos is is likely to get it, but if sony was able to help market it, it may see some more outside interest. i imagine any alternate os for ps3 would have same needs to let people know an os exists for ps3.
I agree, but only fractions of 1% of users. This, again, was about 'the masses'.

Originally Posted by Mad-Matt
I also like to see it ported to #86/i64 which gives it a much wider scope. I guess at the time when commodore chose a processor, ppc looked to be going somewhere. pcs at the time 486/pentium1 win95? were hardly fun to use, slowand suffered massive stability issues so may not have looked attractive at the time.
I also agree with this, but look how the market actually went. Commodore were obviously unable to predict this where as other companies got it right. Shame on Commodore, don't blame the market for not following them!

Not mention the fact that Windows 95 (release of) was one of the final nails in the coffin of the Amiga, and the release that got an awful lot of Amigans to jump ship. I moved to Windows 95 (from AOS) when it was released. I never looked back once so it can't be _that_ bad.

(Replace 'Commodore' above with whoever actually made this decision )

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