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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson
I can buy a full PC for less than a PS3 and no vga out by default, whats the point? More expensive proprietry hardware and knowing sony faulty is the exact opposite direction OS4 should be going in imo...
It's the old argument buddy. People think the AmigaOS will come back to life because it's been licensed to a device with specific hardware (like the old Amiga) and x86 is no good for this.

Why not specify an exact x86 hardware set for the AmigaOS much like the BeBox(?) was? Just more stupid decisions. Making it on PPC was mistake number one. It's as if Amiga doesn't want to survive.

If someone can give me one single unique selling point of AmigaOS, I'll bow down and admit I'm totally wrong.

Stability is not one. I can get that on at least three other operating systems.
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