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OS 3.9 Problem MegaPack!!!

Hi to everyone!
i've installed an OS 3.9 on winuae 1.3.3 (68040 KS 40.70) and "fill-it" with many programs but i need some tips because....i'm a dirty newbe !!!

- I need an avi player...i've tryed riva and froggerng but both are slower/async...i need the keyfile to solve this problem or needs 60060 (that winuae NOT have) ?
- exists a better player/solution for my config ?
- where i can find their keyfile? other keyfiles (like voyager, MUI...)?
- when i use aweb the pictures like "Google" are not wrong setted ? (yeah, I KNOW, i'm really a newbe!)
- where i can find the FULL version of awebIIse ?
- what is the best browser web? and the best mail program?
- where i can find "yamail" ?
- where i can find "final writer" or "wordworth" LATEST version ?
- i've decided to NOT use dopus on os3.9 because if i use it as workbench replacement something changes in...bad! (newbenewbenewbe)(i've read that amikit use it, but is "special version" or "special setted"...), some tips about it?
- what is "scalos"?

i've tried to search with emule for some keyfile...but i found only ibrowse and amirc keyfile...
that's all!!! 10 question...i hope someone can give me some answers
thankyou! (sorry for my english...i'm italian!)
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