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Originally Posted by ant512
Using the Mac, so I can't play the mod, but - um - unless this is a different version of the tune to the one that came with the budget release I have, it's "Over the Rainbow". It's the main theme from "The Wizard of Oz", and it's been covered hundreds of times.

Perhaps The Wizard of Oz wasn't that popular in Germany?

Reading the rave reviews of that 1939 technicolor (!!) picture, I've figured every child in UK or US (and probably in Australasia too) must know about this one and at least watched it once!

Yes it's true: it was hardly ever broadcasted on German TV (which is scandalous!) Maybe because the synchro was so awful?

Whatever ... yes you both are right. It *IS* "Over The Rainbow."
Hell yeah, if I had known it was made popular by getting performed in an all-time-classic picture THAT known to the English-speaking part of the world I would not have asked such a dumb question!

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