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Originally Posted by P-J
This is where we differ-- To me, this whole paragraph is the Amiga pipe-dream. I guess I just gave up on Amiga (and it's technology) too long ago.

As far as I'm concerned, if you get anything with the Amiga name on anywhere near the mainstream in the next 10 years, it'll be so far removed from anything we know that only the real true hardcore zealots (the type you would emigrate to avoid) will be interested.

I don't see the market and I don't see the use. It'll be nothing like an Amiga.

Dell shitbox + WinUAE = Close enough. Closer than a PS3 with AmigaOS vaporware on it
Its all clear now I can see where youre hate comes from

you want to see the glory days of the Amiga fully functional and emulated and if that cant be dont want to know.

what I belive this thread is getting at and my personal view point is that this is the chance and possably the very last chance that the Amiga gets to move forward with its OS. theres never going to be any mass produced hardware specificaly amiga produced again but the pc3 is as near as were gonna get to mass produced hardware suiatable for aos4.

while it cant play classic amiga games without somekind of emulation I wellcome the move. This is where the amiga was heading with PPC and RTG cards and leagacy chipset was deffinatly being left behind. now is the chance to use a machine that unfortunatly doesnt carry the amiga name, but can bring us its OS which makes a great games machine and a computer in one as the amiga once was. Support for aos games and apps would shurly come later (although I expect only open-source ports as is already the case).

If commodore/Amiga hadnt died in 93 and continued with a similar vision as above ...would users have continued with amiga or would it have been its downfall and amiga would have died any way ..

free linux im sure will have its fans, but im not one of them
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