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Hmm P-J, can WinUAE do Amiga OS 4? Cool if so I think Vince wanted something that can run the real thing.

Vince: PowerPC cpu is an x86 CPU? It wasn't when it came, But I admit I only read the Programmer's Handbook for it like 10+ years ago Is Amiga OS 4 coded for x86 CPUs? Ugh :S

As you can see I know very little about Amiga OS 4, but my main worry is how many years PS3 will be manufactured. Have they stopped producing PS2s, PS1's etc yet? And after that period we would have yet another platform that isn't sold anymore, and another piece of hardware that can't keep up with "regular platforms" like PC/Mac.

Nah, better to do a proper hardware that runs code with a simple recompile and is designed to be upgradable.

Personally, I'd like to see a _proper_ platform for gaming, i.e. instant feedback, none of this "let's triple buffer the graphics and read the joystick moves at the start of next frame and not allow the sound card to store sound so there is a delay" etc. And no "20-40 REAL fps LCDs with lag". Bah.
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