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I was under the impression that SONY are actively asking and encouraging Third part OS's vendors and encouraging users to use such things

And the idea I was thinking of involving the PS3 was simple, but I dont think i communicated it propely:-

To improve the use of the system (PS3) by that of an OS that simple and intuitive to use. With this an added bonus of where needed a (transparent) emulation layer for classic (metal banging stuff) games to run but the importantly for system legal and non hardware specific coded software it will run a sh*t load faster as it wont need to emulate it (as far as the software is aware its will running in a Native environment).

things like grpahics programs / music / dtp / word processing etc etc etc

Consider it like Amithalon(no longer officially supported except for die hards) with the exception of a emulation layer for games etc its like having a 68060@2.4GHZ running in Hi-resolution yummyness....

The thing about *NIX

I have plenty of *nix distros and flavours I run arround here and i have to admit that the latter lot for example Fedora core 5 provide a VERY nice suit..

Now if you prefer *nix thats fine... but most here are technical people, we can configure computers while hands tied behind our back and in another room!!!!, this is not the case for most gammers and would be leasurely users...

if everything is given to them in one simple bundle (to click here) then I am pretty sure thats what they will plumb for (just look where microsoft's goto these days).

Its not a pipe-dream to relive old gory days... hell no, for one its a sony console. but I see a profitable marketing stratagy for something like OS4 as a bundle with a keyboard and mouse and or joystick for use with your machine.

Imagine an OS4 bundle like its just like one of them ATARI retro game classic packs for what ever you are psp/ps1,2,3 XBox(s) Mac/PC what ever

I see it as adding to an existing platform not as a platform itself.

now.... lets get down to this torturing that you metion.....
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