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Originally Posted by Zetr0
what if a cheap OS with lots of free / downloadable applictions for things like Music / Graphics / DTP / thats absolute Massive Retro-compu-gamming potential ....
There is a free one! It's called Linux. I mentioned it above

You can run all your classic games on there, not just Amiga... and the applications aren't out of the 20th century.

Seriously, let the pipe-dream stay in your head. Like I said, I love Amiga as much as the next man but modern Amiga is long since dead and it'll never come back. Just be happy with the memories!

You guys just torture yourselves with this stuff.

Originally Posted by Zetr0
I can see what you mean about only the hardcore but it got me to thinking.

What if the person whom got thier PS3 didn`t have another computer / PC..
not bad for a £500 games console.... not bad at all.....
If they didn't have a PC, why for the love of god do you think they would be even remotely technical enough to use AmigaOS or even install it on their console, quite possibly voiding their warranty or hosing their disk?
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