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Ya' like it Retr0?
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I donno P-J,

I can see what you mean about only the hardcore but it got me to thinking.

What if the person whom got thier PS3 didn`t have another computer / PC..
or even if they did......

what if a cheap OS with lots of free / downloadable applictions for things like Music / Graphics / DTP / thats absolute Massive Retro-compu-gamming potential ....


any way just lump on a bluetooth keyboard and mouse... hell you could even do ones home work ...

and you get to play the graphically hottest spank-o-matic games developed today!!!!

not bad for a £500 games console.... not bad at all.....

still I would like it for the PC too (been having a little fun with Amithalon... shame that got brushed aside!!!)
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