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Originally Posted by Mad-Matt
Id realy like to see AOS4 ported and its the perfect os to fit the hardware specs
No it isn't. Linux is. Linux (which incidentally I don't use) has a (relevant) software library thousands of times that of AmigaOS, is up to date (and not in the hands of a company that doesn't know it's arse from it's elbow) and isn't, well, dead!

Originally Posted by Mad-Matt
can bring amigaos back to the masses
Not gonna happen. Only a tiny handful of PS3 owners will install/use Linux on it and I would estimate about 1% of those would try using AmigaOS. It's a waste of time and it'll die a death just like all other stupid Amiga decisions.

Originally Posted by Mad-Matt
and can bring amigaos back to the masses to show how backwards other more marketed oses really are
I love Amiga, however I would use Windows, MacOS, Linux, BSD or BeOS/Zeta/Haiku over it any day of the week. I think most people would agree.

AmigaOS is dead except for hobbyists. If you agree with the hobbyists part, you also agree the use of the word 'masses' is laughable.

For every one person that uses AmigaOS on their Playstation, there will be 100,000 users who don't.

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