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Originally Posted by Photon
Are you kidding? If the console doesn't sell well or good software stops coming, it will die just like that.

If we want available hardware, just do the OS on a PC. That will be around for a while. If we want GOOD hardware we must make our own.

Using any other processor but the native one will result in basically running an emulator, degrading performance as hell. If that's what we want, just code a WinUAE for AmigaOS 4
can you seiously see the ps3 failing ? sure its expensive but that didnt stop them being able to sell their entire stock it may not be much better then the 360, but they games I wanna play will likely only be on ps3 so im guaranteed to own one.

The console was created to be the new amiga but sony wanted to keep the playstation name

Id realy like to see AOS4 ported and its the perfect os to fit the hardware specs and can bring amigaos back to the masses to show how backwards other more marketed oses really are
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