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As thomas already wrote, you have to start PC0 but then you can open your Workbench disk, the system drawer and start the Format program from there if no icon appears.
Also I would advise you to stay away from the CrossDOS program, its purpose is to change files copied to/from a MD-DOS disk:
  1. it changes the line endings of files (in texts Amiga use a code which means go next line whereas DOS/Windows use two codes with the meaning of go to start of line and then go to next line) but Wordpad and nearly all other editors can read such files today on PCs and Amiga's editors can read pc texts
  2. diacritics have different positions on Amiga and MS-DOS, so CrossDos converts them but Windows 95 and above do not use MS-DOS codes anymore but the same codes as the Amiga (which is uninteresting for English speaking people anyway)
so you see it's not of much use anymore and if you're not cautious you can damage files.
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