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When ever I started crossdos
CrossDOS is the name of the package and also the name of the settings program, but the DOS driver is called PC0. Only if you run PC0, you can access PC disks.

but it would say PC0: is not mounted which makes sense
If you think this makes sense, then you cannot procede. Only if PC0 is mounted, you can access PC disks (see above).

After running PC0, unless you have installed some icon killer, you should get two icons for each disk you insert. For Amiga disks you get one icon with the disk label and another one labelled PC0:????. For PC disks you get one icon labelled DF0:???? and another one with the disk name.

To format a disk in PC format, mark the icon labelled PC0:???? and select "format disk" from the menu.
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