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Originally Posted by TheBoss
Great wortwork sarek2k and welcome aboard

Zetr0: hope all is going well with the work! I intended to make a new website start of next year as the one im using is temporarly but im glad you can make it instead as im not expert in coding yet Which coding language you using to build the site? I mainly know C# basics and sql databases
Heys my friend,

It wil be based on php and mysql and pretty much an off-the-shelf scenario.

after researching a CMS (content managment system) for KG's WHDLoad project I am going to implement a Joomla cms for your project

once its up and running I will go through it with you, then make you global admin and then you can direct all of us from there:-

Using a combination of forums, upload areas and perhaps even tools / snippits sections etc its all content management.

you can limmit downloads as well as uploads etc.. again I will go through it with VIA PM and or IRC once i get joomla up...

please give me a little time as i have work for uni this week

lets see by next thursday i have to have
two assignments (Advanced AI Techniques and Systems Engineering)
Project deliverables for Combinatoral Science in Microbiology
Written Exam on Advanced AI Tech.

so they got me a little busy.... but bare with me... it will all be good
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