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There's nothing wrong with your English zuazale and it's fine. I heard that there was something about the development of the triple AAA chip and it would've been interesting to see this in action, but as far as I know it didn't get off the ground because Commodore were in crisis at this time.

So again it's too little too late and sometimes I wish Commodore were still around as I miss them, but would they have been regarded as much of a legend as they are now? Maybe it's sometimes best to remember them as they were at their peak until it all went pear-shaped near the end.

I believe what was also the problem in the face of their competitors was that Commodore had no in-house software developers or first-party games at launch and then they could've made exclusives. Another thing is that they had a lot of terrible games at launch and Microcosm got a slating.
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