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precisions about comm screens

I think that the "neutral" question may not be as neutral in some hard comm screens, such as the environmentalist. I still have to perform some other tests.

@codetapper: Supercars salesman comm screen is not random at all. It's just a little more complicated.
There are 2 ways to lower the price: either threaten him some way - it works but it infuriates him more and more and in the end he throws you out - or find an agreeable/sensible argument. in the second case, he may lower the price, but his face shows him no more infuriated.
If he raises the price after some answer, then threatening works again.

You've got to use threats & softer answers with good measure to get the best bargain.

I remember having negociated to the last bit and got 2 possible answers: Ok, and no. Then I knew I got the best possible price.

In SC international it's quite the same except that there are always 6 possible answers.
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