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Originally Posted by Zetr0
I have to admit i think I am addicted LOL I have had a lot of fun creating / developing these with viddi and theboss for the cd32 covers project.

However there has been mention of AmigaCD's / CDTV titles that didn`t get inlays or inserts (or were lame lol). but that I am sure is another project one i would love to be a part of not sure about theboss's webspace but if He is interested I have OODLES of webspace and can lump up a forums / cms system for his project....

Amiga CD32 Cover Project
Amiga CD project
CDTV Project...

there is a lot of interest in an unoffcial coverwork for PC / Console (retro/modern) / Amiga

soo its kind open ended really... it all depends what people want and obviously want to do.
If you could provide webspace with more space, even with a CMS/forum system that would be very cool indeed and helpfull for the projects future Currently my project basically accepts all kinds of Amiga covers so custom dvd covers are fine too

DamienD: Cool cover, there is alot of stuff we could make still
HOL: Sounds nice as long as there are credits in place.
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