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I have to admit i think I am addicted LOL I have had a lot of fun creating / developing these with viddi and theboss for the cd32 covers project.

However there has been mention of AmigaCD's / CDTV titles that didn`t get inlays or inserts (or were lame lol). but that I am sure is another project one i would love to be a part of not sure about theboss's webspace but if He is interested I have OODLES of webspace and can lump up a forums / cms system for his project....

Amiga CD32 Cover Project

Amiga CD project

CDTV Project...

there is a lot of interest in an unoffcial coverwork for PC / Console (retro/modern) / Amiga

soo its kind open ended really... it all depends what people want and obviously want to do.
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