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Amiga spotted at Rare's offices!

Not sure if this is the right subforum, but feel free to move it.

If you check out the latest Eurogamer TV Show, they have an exclusive look into Rare's offices. During an interview with one of the developers of Viva Pinata, you can see an Amiga keyboard, probably the A4000 keyboard, set up in the background. It's connected, not just lying there. Question is, why? What is Rare using it for? Have they used an Amiga to develop certain stuff in Viva Pinata, or even in many of Rare's games?

EDIT: Sorry, it was an Amiga 500. I didn't see the back half of the Amiga 500, so it looked like a keyboard. Also noticed there was a standard tv to the right where Viva Pinata is running in the background during the interview. I'm guessing it's a source of inspiration, or more realistically, they play Amiga games during lunchtime and other breaks.

Still cool as hell, no?

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