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Originally Posted by Photon
But Angst! The megademo loads the second part, only to guru with the (in?)famous #00000004.00001970 code after loading to track 43 and decrunching...

This was in the 1.2 days, so I tried that first, and nothing but 512KB Chipmem. When it didn't work I added slowmem and different kickstart combos. If I add slowmem the error address is in the slowmem range.

Is this a bad disk?
Yes the one with CRC 8FD4E661 is, so mark it [ b ].

Guru #00000004.0000C01570 confirmed on real thing (A1000, KS 1.2 AND 1.3) while trying to decrunch second part.

Hmm the second disk could be booted separately it said (not common, that!) and the last part was a revelation Maybe it only works on A1000s!
How did you come to this conclusion?
Megademo Part II (Disk 2/2) works fine from A to Z with standard A500 config, so I assume it will also work fine on an A500.

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