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Best Deal. A friend of my father had an Amiga500 and i had an AtariST. My dad got me the ST and it was ok i guess, but i never really connected with it. I had very few games too. Anyway, my dads friend needed an Atari ST to be able to run some HAM radio software so we did a straight swap. My ST with very very few games for his A500 with about 200 disks.

BEST swap of my life and since that day i was an Amiga Collector.

Eventually ended with an A1200, dual speed cdrom, 400mb h/drive, 030 accelerator with extra 8mb ram, 2nd floppy, numerous joysticks, and a disk collection of over 5000 disks. I still have it all fully working apart from the disk collection. Now thats just a handful of dvd's

Apart from ADF'ing up a handful of disks, my Amiga setup is going on sale. Soon.
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