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Ok, not at home so I cant post the link for configuring Samba (it *is* easy), but in interim:

If you can ping the machines from each other, then at the network itself is working fine:- always troubleshoot from the wire up (check wires/wireless connectivity, check IP connectivity, check TCP/UDP etc etc).

In your cases, the network (cabling and IP, note IP not TCP) is fine; the machines can see each other.

This means that the fault is due to one or more of the following

a. The other machine is firewalled, either the port is closed off, or the firewall is not allowing traffic between the two machines. Check Xp firewall is disabled.

b. The softare is not running - has it been installed correctly? has it been configured correctly?

I have a very good guide at home, but for life of me cannot find it. Will dig out the link and find later.
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