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Originally Posted by utri007
Finnis amiga games:

Super stardust / Stardust, they are allso makers of Max Payne. They still make amiga demos, Lapsuus can found on aminet

Elfmania same makers than stardust???

Terramaque=Blood house=Remedy?????

I don't know any finnis localed games for amiga ;-) maybe cause only 5 million finnis. Some multi language titles has a possibility
to choose a finnis language like.
May I clear something out?

-bloodhouse = stardust and super stardust
-terramarque = elfmania (remedy lead artist reward/sami did freelance -touching up for unreleased VGA version)
-bloodhouse+terramarque merged 1995. original elfmania team had all departed by then, except for stavvy & me
-remedy was formed by scene people. they have no further connection with other 2 early finnish companies
-in housemarque, only scy/harri remains from original bloodhouse. only ceo/ilari remains from terramarque. new game coming soon with familiar title.
-new, upcoming game company recoil has one original bloodhouse member and one or two original remedy guys
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