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Originally Posted by Rebel-CD32
Wouldn't it be nice to have the source code for Elfmania released? Imagine what could be done if the game could be reprogrammed to make full use of an AGA Amiga with twice the memory of the A500 and a CD32 control pad. Maybe make the fighters all a bit more evenly matched, have more special moves, take away the whole collecting money/buying fighters thing. Just keep the awesome engine and graphics, make the characters less floaty, add better controls and more special moves, and a standard character selection screen. Stick it on a CD, or make it hard drive installable (not a patch like WHDLoad, but true installation). It'd have the potential to be so much better and popular.
bumping up another old thread.. yeah, forget seeing any future versions of elfmania. Even though I could get permission to go and rip the source code it would be useless to you. I've seen it and it's a total mess, ultra-hyper-psycho-optimized spaghetti full of totally obscure comments (or no comments at all) which even the programmer probably couldn't remember.
Also the game itself is so optimized to the max that I seriously doubt you could change a bit without experiencing serious problems. You'd have to reprogram the Ai (which is a neural net btw). The brits who tried to convert it to the PC never made it. there is no documentation on how it works. its impossible. dont try to do it. you'll go mad

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