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United Forces Megademo - guru after part 1

The Finns were skilled demo coders in the early days.

Tai-Pan of UFO/Phalanx/Complex was very good indeed, and I'd like to see everything he's coded.

So, with a little help, I uncovered some ancient demos, this is afaik the first and only megademo Tai-Pan coded for.

But Angst! The megademo loads the second part, only to guru with the (in?)famous #00000004.00001970 code after loading to track 43 and decrunching...

This was in the 1.2 days, so I tried that first, and nothing but 512KB Chipmem. When it didn't work I added slowmem and different kickstart combos. If I add slowmem the error address is in the slowmem range.

Is this a bad disk? (If so, does someone have a working copy?) Can you get it to work in your WinUAE? (If so, what version and settings?)

The two disk .adfs are zipped in the Zone, if you guys would like to try it ... A big thanks to anyone who helps me get this working
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