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i think that link is broken my dear friend....

I use the (viddi ) standard of

832 pixels (37pxl each spine and 758 insert) x 650 pixel height.

650 x 650 pixels

cd jewel case

5' x 4 3/4' inches

650/5 = 130 pixels for each horizonal inch

650/4 3/4 = 136 pixels for each vertical inch

soooo the number of pixels per inch is 130x136 = 17680 pixels per ( squarish ) inch. once you root that number *i cannot be arsed its late lol* this should equate to arround 132pixels.

now a non-specialist printer needs arround 4 to 6 dots to faithfully represent a pixel so at best case scenario the viddi standard is arround 550dpi mark

so the viddi standard should look really nice I have printed a couple out on my colour laser (1200x1200) and I have to admit they look awsome! and fit perfectly the quality all comes down to the images themself, if the image is grainy then the result will look crap as the printers dither their little hearts (and heads) out.

for instance I would personally love to redo the front to Akira with a greater detailed image as it would look much nicer.

*a specialist printer such as a Dye-Sublimination Printer uses pixels per inch*

wow long post about boring printer,..... sorry guys...
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