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Originally Posted by killergorilla
You are sire!

I can record them both for ya!

Or just get your hands on the IPF versions and compare the two

I know a lot of the cracked versions didn't have the original music though.
I've just rummaged out my old KIXX version of Xenon II to check the number of discs, and I can say killergorrila is correct, at least for one of them. You see, when I purchased the budget game, on one disc, it didnt load on my A500 so I had to return it. However, the replacement they sent me had a white label with the following on it:

"Pre Production Sample:
Title > Xenon 2
Serial > 26630
Customer > Kixx Software
Date > 9/8/1996
Disk > 1 of 1"

And this definately had the full intro music, with samples on it, as well as the sample free in game tune. I dont remember the production disc ever running (they actually sent that back too) so I cannot recall if it also had the intro music.
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