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Best has to be an A2000, in good condition, with an A2090, 20MB MFM drive an A2058 with 2MB installed and a microway internal flicker fixer, £20 from a car boot, sometime around 1999 if memory serves. It was missing the keyboard though, which the seller promised to return with in the future, never did, though some years later I found an A2000 keyboard for sale there, I suspect it may have been the same guy...
In the meantime I struggled by with an uncased A500 keyboard, until an unfortunate short let the magic smoke out of a resistor on the A2000 motherboard (Scared me shitless, as I'd just installed a CPU socket accelerator and was powering on to test it, only to see smoke drifting from the general area of the accelerator), this pushed me to buy a real one.

Worst: Probably the 40MB 5.25" MFM drive I bought as a cheap upgrade to the 20MB one, it sort of mostly worked some of the time, insofar as any drive on an A2090 works, it cost about a quid though. Anyway, sometime later I got a SCSI card that worked properly, and saw a guy on amibench asking for an MFM drive to work with his A2090, So I offered mine to him for £10 including postage, then realised only a fool would pay £10 for a not-entirely working huge old 40MB drive, so I revised it to £5, he accepted, and I duly posted it, at a cost of about £5.20
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