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Just wanted to drop a note that I just checked playing supercars international on winxp with vdms (run with vdms) and JoytoKey 3.7.4.

I set up my Amiga joysticks to keys "asdwz" and "ajklm" in joytokey, then defined those keys in supercars for the two players. Works like a dream with two joysticks now!

I had a little sound delay due to vdms, but I guess that is my soundchip crapping out again, just as in uae. Buffers could probably be tweaked in vdms.ini, but won't bother for now.

I think this supercars is much easier due to smooth scrolling. Way easier to center car on the road, and also you can react much faster with smooth scrolling. Dunno if that's good or bad, I liked the amiga feel of it...
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