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Originally Posted by andreas
I second that.

Well the zip archive reveals the OLD URL of Home of the Underdogs, so this proves the game *HAD* been there once. Probably they were forced to remove the game from the site by threats of legal action?
Nope, game is still there but disguised as Supercars.

see thread on SC International:

@EmuChicken: yes, the game has made further progress. Here they are (more to come before next release)

Version 0.05
- enhanced: some title & information screens are ripped from 256 color SC International
- fixed: race money was not added but just set (that was unfair)
- fixed: in 2 player mode, fixed partial car display on player 2 view
- fixed: vertical tunnels are now supported properly (SC1 circuits)
- added: original Supercars II car (EmuChicken did the 3D model)
- fixed: heap problem (using -Xmx option, maybe 100 MB is too much...)
- added: right arrow key goes to next demo screen without having to wait for timeout
- reworked: some graphics were processed using scale2x for better 2x resize
- fixed: power steering (speed/acceleration still to tune)
- fixed: no more continuous colliding sound when car is repositionning
- enhanced: interruptible sample play
- added: tyre screech sound
- added: fixed car colors (were too flashy)
- fixed: Beetle color & scale/size
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