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I just got my Competition Pro (Amiga version) joysticks from AmigaKit. They are much more solid and professionally done than I had expected - especially for the price.

Comparing them to my previous joysticks (Suncom Slik Stik), the Competition Pro stick needs to travel further and is much louder because of the microswitches (the Slik Stik is pretty quiet). The stick is longer too, so I have to get used to the different hand position and balance. The fire button must be pushed down further to fire and this seems to slow down quick firing a bit in games. Occasionally the fire button seems a bit "crunchy", but maybe this is because it is new. "Jumping accuracy" in some games seems a bit off, but I probably just have to get used to it. At least the jumps work properly, unlike my dying Slik Stik (which is why I needed a replacement in the first place).

Overall, I'm very happy with it and I'd recommend these joysticks to anybody who's not a psycho-perfectionist. Amigakit service is great too.
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