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Supercars 2 communication screens


I think it may interest people to know exactly how the scoring was done in SC2 communication screens.

I'm in the process of re-creating communication screens for my SC2 remake (with bits of Supercars International graphics BTW), and to do so I heavily used the WinUAE snapshot feature + memory rip.

I thought I would be a painful and long process but:

1) in memory, last answers are the good answers
2) it's a generic system: if you figure out how the scoring is done, then it works for all screens

There are 3 possible answers (wrong, neutral, correct), and 10 questions maximum. There are 10 different rewards/fines.

Here are the rules:

- If you answer correct or neutral on the 5 first screens you gain access to the 5 last questions
- 5 first questions: If you give the wrong answer anytime you're thrown out with a score of "number of right/neutral answers" (example: on inspector test you get 3 points docked if you answer correctly/neutral at the first 2)
- 5 last questions: If you give the wrong answer you're thrown out with a bonus of the last correct answered questions starting from 5

It means that you can answer neutral or right at the 5 first questions, it doesn't matter
A wrong answer throws you out anytime
Neutral questions don't add a point on the 5 last questions, they just don't throw you out.

Minimal effort to get maximum points: answer neutral at 5 first questions, and correct at 5 last questions

I checked my theory against the game and it seems to match.
No wonder why it took me a long time to figure how the scoring worked exactly

For those who are interested I can provide the correct/neutral/wrong answers to the screens.
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