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i've dug out a cd i totally forgot about, Gremlin Classix, released by emulators unlimited, purchased from HMV (long time ago)...

what i didn't know at the time is the cd had the kick.rom file, used with fellow....

mmm, did amiga inc know? did HMV know? did anyone CARE?

maybe they bought a license, but i doubt it, it seems as though you can produce an Amiga Collection, supply the kick.rom and release through retailers and nobody gives two shits, but if you give it away free online you'll get closed down!

as there are alot of old games companies, making their old wares available to download (FREE) maybe Amiga Inc, could release their kick 1.x as they too do not supply computers with that kickstart!

i agree with birdy, signing an online petition is not enough! normally a petition consists of thousands and thousands of names, i doubt our "fairly cult" scene could generate enough media attraction!

but bollocks, i signed anyway, a little is better than nothing!!!
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