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Ya' like it Retr0?
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yeah... freelancer 1&2... lots of plot... lots of missions and yeah lots of combat.... but after you spank everything that decalres its self an enemy (and a few whom dont) its kinda like the feeling of playing an FPS agasint the computer... you might get a thrill but... it doesnt last...

@Hungry Horace
theres no need to hide my friend as to begin with I prefered Frontier over elite (once i got used to the initial mass jump-time differential) but... sigh... i had elite status in under a week, made more money than I could forseably spend and was left lacking after a couple of weeks.. (admitedly i did kane that game) but still... its just missing something for me, and i cannot tell you what...

it took me months to get to elite status on the C64... months.... it took ages to get docking computers... man that was a challenge then... every run could be your last and often was.. lol...

but i would hit out the post it notes all over the computer table with what was going for what in leavat system or iixxvae systemm... whom needed school home whom work for political/commercial economics.. I HAD intergalctic economics.... deals done at the point of smoldering military grade laser cannons and a cargohold full of so much contraband its not technically possible ..... sigh.... i miss elite.....
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