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Eek Entire HVSC being recorded to MP3 from real C64's

Entire HVSC being recorded to MP3 from real C64's

The SOASC= (Stone Oakvalley's Authentic SID Collection) project is an automated mass recording technique which will record all of the current HVSC SID tunes played on real C64's both 6581 and 8580 chips. So far 8365 tunes have been recorded in blistering quality from real C64 during a 3 week period. The project is due to be finished in February 2007, which after 4months of constant recording will result in the most incredible collection of real and authentic C64 sound ever. Calculated to about 93336 MP3 tunes sizing to about 400GB. Forget all emulation and SIDcards...this is the real deal in Commodore 64 music. Its time to set the foot down, and make it definitive, we want geniune sound. Head over to and learn more!

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