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Thanks Akira,

I've actually been keeping an eye on e-bay now. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

I just bought a 2nd hand CD32 on e-bay last week.

Mine was failing to spin up. I barely use it - just the odd game of Sensi with a couple of mates.

But I did originally manage to buy it with the FMV option and it would have been a shame to through it all out.

Looking at my old CD32 with FMV and my new PS2 I can't see any difference. Apart from the march of technology and Marketing.

Both play games, CDs and movies.

Shame Commodore couldn't actually make it all work

Also bought 15 Pythons from a store in Germany

And been busy having a laugh with the Amiga emualtors WinUAE and WInFellow.

(Does anyone know how to copy files from my amiga to a PC zip disk and retain the long filenames - instead of the old 8.3 format ? I don't have the latest version of CrossDos and nobody seems to make it any more. I'd like to run my Amiga setup on a new PC.)

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