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Originally Posted by EmuChicken
If I had a hammer (or a graphics tablet) I'd be willing to help with the 2d graphics ;-)

Ive heard that if I buy one in japan the drivers may not work on my english install of XP though :/ (from a m8 who bought a wacom and then returned it)

When are you expecting an update on the project? - how long do you spend a week on it currently?
Help with the graphics is not an urgent matter anyway.

About the time I spend on the project, it really depends. ATM not much, but at some moments it was 2h/day. And it also depends on the type of work I do on the project. I need quality time to fix the remaining issues in the game engine (car behaviour mainly), on the other hand I can fix secondary things anytime when I have a moment.

I think that a really playable version of the game could be available in early 2007.
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