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Hm. That petition is a good idea, but Amiga Inc. will *never* make AmigaOS 3.0 available
for free, for two reasons:

1. MorphOS (a PPC AmigaOS clone that will compete with AmigaOS4) requires AmigaOS 3.x to run.
As long as OS 3.x is not available for free, they can stop MorphOS developers from selling
their OS. This point is quite important for Amiga Inc. and especially for the contractors doing

2. Cloanto is paying licensing fees for 3.x KickROMs. and Amiga Inc. is quite happy about that.

If this petition still says "OS 1.x, 2.x and 3.0" when it is presented to Amiga Inc., you can
forget about it

Somebody should tell the guys behind that petition that they should stick with OS 1.x (2.x is
absolutely useless for retro-gaming (right?), and there's no chance that 3.x will be made

But still chances would be very slim (as OS 1.3 still generates money (to a lesser extent).
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