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shillard: Agree, joining and demanding immediate response from mods is not a good start...

shillard & Photon
I didnt demand an answer.I also gave a reply to marco pedrana :
Anyway,you have right and I agree with you.They have better and more important things to do.
Dont stuck in my first post.

that doesn't mean they sit and refresh their Inbox to catch any new message
You are wrong.It doesnt need refresh.This is a modern kind of forum.If I send you a pm & you are online , you will definetely see it because a new window screen(java ap.) opens immidiatelly and informs you about the message.You must be blind not to see it or have something to do or..or...or.. Thats why I said "rude".

As for the isos,I didnt understand...

{Sorry for my bad english...}
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