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Heys Import Gamming, welcome to EAB hope you like it here.

It would be a shame to loose such a resource that you offer, but alas there have been to many website closures and close-calls and obviously a lot of huff and puff about what is, what is`nt and leagal.

unfortunately unless some one contacts the software house or publisher to have for a deffinate that these works belong to the public domain then they well respectively belong to whom over owns the rights for a period of 50 years (in the case of computer programs books have 75 years)

thats a leagal deffinition, but it doesn`t encompas this

if a company has works, this company falls to recievership or liquidation* then works will fall unto the public domain where not (a) If the licesne was transfered to another party before liquidation conclusion (b) Existing distrubtion licenese still exist by another party.

when companys get bought, most if not all the time the rights to all works past and previous are also included in the sale.

there is only one exception from this.

if ANY time in WHOLE or PART that licensed works are placed within the public domain (by the licensor) that work is part of the public domain and cannot be taken out.

the only way would be to have either written agreement by said publisher/softwarehouse that these works are considered abandoned and the wrights to said software exist in the public domain.

so if anyone whats to help me wright one up for SONY let get them psygnosis games released...
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