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Zetr0, i've not the knowledge for a correct discrimination of what's legal to share. i just pointed, answering the question about legality, that copyrights stand longer, to various degrees depending on the country and international laws and accords, than our concept of the time for a software to become abandonware. as it is abandoned, it's kinda safe to share, that don't mean it's legal. ethics here are not the point. i say however that the software that is not currently under the restrictions stated in the faqs, i.e. software not currently sold or distributed or specifically not allowed to be distributed by current request of rights owner, (we have had exemples of that too in the recent months, and it is perfectly ok) it is safe to share until said owners ask for stop.
when we talk of abandonware, wich outlines are not at all clear and fixed, we approximate only.
in regard of the the user' question, i would say that he has to check the titles he want to share for them to comply to the rules, and if they do he can surely link the site. the mods will check it then.
EAB's rule as everybody should know by now, is that no link is allowed to software outside what's in the faqs.
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