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Heys marco,

I wonder, when you state sell, does this specifically mean or include distribution licenses ?

for instance as we know Psygnosis got eaten up by sony, NONE of thier software has a current distribution license (not saying they wont in future) where as ORIGIN whom got eat up by EA still have distribution licenses on a small fraction of their software, notably the WING COMMANDER initial 6 games ( kilrathi three game saga) prophecy, academy and privettier..

it difficult... and in truth its just to damn confusing....

linking to the unknown data is a bad move, but i fail to see what would be wrong in linking to a website. it would be like a link to a bittorrent site... but given the choice i would forgo the link for fear of these boards being taken down.

anyways i best stop i dont wanna start a legal v ethical debate ... its really not worth it, LOL mods have too much work to do as it is.
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